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Instant Payday Loan

Instant payday loan options need to be explored. Because there is no use waiting around. So move it on over!

Instant Payday Loan = Instant Gratification

Move it on over, an instant payday loan is movin' in!

You had best be careful with payday loans. Why? Because instant gratification often leads to unplanned consequences, and puts you in the proverbial doghouse. Or literally puts you in a doghouse, when your wife throws you out of the house and tells you to go sleep outside with Sparky. Just consider this poem, penned by George Thorogood a few decades ago, about a man whose problems with a quick payday loan landed him in such a place.

Verse One:

I came in last night about half past ten, that baby of mine wouldn't let me in.

She said move it on over. Rock it on over! Move over little dog, a mean, an instant payday loan is movin' in.

Verse Two:

She told me not to mess around with loans, but I went and spent up half of what we own

Now move it on over. Rock it on over! Move over nice dog, some big, instant payday loans are movin' in!

Verse Three:

She changed the lock on my back door, now my key - it won't fit no more.

Move it on over. Rock it on over! Move over nice dog, until I can buy a new one with a payday loan!

Verse Four:

Yeah! Listen to me dog before you start to whine, that side's yours and this side's mine.

Move it on over. Rock it on over. Move over baby dog, a big ol' nasty loan is movin' in.

Verse Five:

Move it on over. Just-a-move it on over! Move it on over... Won't you rock it on over?

Move over all you dogs, an instant payday loan is movin' in.

Don't let this happen to you. Explore your other options before you make any rash decision that you later regret. If you are ready, and sure that you have the means in which to repay the loan on time, consult our agents about payday cash advance loans. You can do so via the Related Resources links on our site and through various links - such as this one to our spanking new page on the overnight payday loan explosion. See how it works? It's easy and foolproof and fun. Soon enough, we'll be movin' on over to your house (figuratively) to deliver an instant payday loan!

Getting a fast payday loan is so easy, and, as the name suggests, fast, that there is no reason not to do it. You need money, we provide money. It is the beginning of a brilliant relationship honestly.

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