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About Us

About the B B b b b b bBAD to the LOAN crew.

About Us

Hey, what's up? We're here to tell you about us, do you have a problem with that? We know that sometimes you're a little short on cash and maybe you need a little help when it comes time to pay the rent in an off week or whatever. Hey, admitting you've got a problem is the first step in getting rid of it.

That's right, Rick, I'm talking about you - you stop making out with my girlfriend after a few drinks and my fist is going to have less of a problem with your face.

Anyway, so sometimes, you need some money and you've got a job, but your credit isn't the best and you don't want to impose on your friends, preferring to keep money away from your relationships, which is a good idea. I loaned Rick $200 a couple of months ago and he's not paid it back. See, he's not the kind of guy that could get a loan from most places, but I've seen him get and pay back payday loans a few times now, but I have yet to see my money, man.

Yeah, anyway, look at the rest of this site. Yeah.

Rick, keep your hands off her!

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